Live Show: the sound of men on cam, is a vinyl record and live performance project that thematically deals with gender (contemporary masculinities), sex, the social and political history of queer space and what it means to experience things «live».

«Live show» is a deconstruction of what is «live» or feels like «live» and the psychodynamic mechanics of «live experience». The volatility / temporality of «live» is questioned through the manifestation of the record both in the initial recordings of the audio tracks on the record and later in the performances. The feeling of «live» (the real now) and replica (its reproduced self) are ever present in the shift of self-projection that is permitted under the often improvised conditions of queer space to elevate one's sense of self «feeling oneself live in the moment.» 
Li Tavor is an architect, musician and composer. Ian Wooldridge is an artist and writer. Both are based in Zurich.